July 30, 2016

The Animals


Here are a few pictures of the animals. For a lot more pictures and information click on each animal at the top of the page.

For a more complete tour click on a picture under PHOTO GALLERY and press the play button and just sit back and enjoy.

This sleepy little butter ball is Huey from our 2017 summer litter.



Hi! I’m Indigo.



Here’s a blue eyed buckling, Winston, look at that pink nose.



Rufus as a puppy daydreaming and soaking up the sun on a beautiful winter day. What a life!!!


A basket of beautiful Holland Lop bunnies!


This is Shiloh with a very inquisitive look.



This is Zsa Zsa a lionhead doe. We just took her out of the dryer!



Here’s Grigio, his eyes are amazing.



Look at the colors on this little Cochin rooster.



Here’s a little blue eyed white lionhead.



Cochin hen chick.



Leslie with Latte. Latte was bottle-fed so she’s very sweet and friendly and a little bit of a brat.



Mopsey looking absolutely radiant. She’s a new mom!



Our first litter of Great Pyrenees pups! We kept Basil, the third one from the left. If you look close you can see that Basil and his brother next to him are full badgers with the mask over their eyes.



This is Gigi the lionhead doe looking a little grumpy (she’s having a bad hair day). Quick, make an appointment with Kristy!



This is a beautiful rooster!



Here’s little Basil.



Leslie with Baloo when he was a BIG puppy. Hey Leslie, where’d you get those socks!



This is Rumba another ice-blue eyed buckling!



Here’s our first litter of lionheads. Notice the two whites have dark blue eyes, they’re whats known as BEWs, Blue Eyed Whites. The little white one in the middle is so cute I can’t stand it.



This is a beautiful spotted Cochin hen.



Leslie giving Latte her latte. Leslie on the phone probably buying MOAR goats!



This is Penelope a very sweet lionhead doe. Penny loves to be picked up, rubbed and cuddled. For some strange reason she reminds me a little of Bill the Cat.



Leslie with a polar bear cub! Now that’s a biiiiiig puppy. This is Spencer from our first litter. The couple who bought him said at one year he was 120 pounds.



Here’s a mugshot of a little bunny.



Some of the hens. As you can see we have a variety of hens, all colors, shapes and sizes. There’s a couple Cochins in the front, we love our Cochins.



Who ordered a basket of pups? This is from our second litter. Rufus is in there somewhere. Can you find the nine puppies?



Hi! I’m Binky. Binky’s a lovable little guy with a totally wild mustache, I’m jealous.




Here’s a little bantam Cochin rooster chick. We love Cochins, they are so docile and cute, they are really pet chickens. Look at those feathered feet and legs.



Baloo the ‘Yard Dog’ as an older puppy. Baloo was our first male and we’ve bred him to Bella and have had two beautiful litters each with nine puppies. Baloo is a gentle giant and he now guards the main doe area. We LOVE these dogs!



This is Shasta the acrobat doeling. I haven’t fed her yet so she’s sticking her tongue out at me. The white blurry blob in the front is Bella, who guards the goat nursery, and the other white blob is Basil he guards the buckling area.



Here’s Abby a beautiful multicolored lionhead doe. Abby thinks she’s a tabby cat, well nobody’s perfect.



Basil in the living room.