August 1, 2018

Netherland Dwarf

Update Nov. 10:

We are expecting a litter of Netherland Dwarf kits Nov. 22.  Pictures will be posted in mid December.

To reserve a bunny using VENMO send a payment to Lesliebcartecayfarm for $95 plus $6.65 tax. Include your name, cell, email and bunny breed. We will contact you when bunny pictures are posted to choose your bunny Or call 404-450-4011.

Our farm is closed but to purchase a bunny click on the breed of bunny you are interested in. Place bunny in your cart and checkout. When bunnies are ready to go home you will receive a text or call to arrange a pickup date and time. At appointed time I will meet you at our farm gate with your bunny along with a sample of rabbit food. Please bring a carrier or box for your bunny to ride safely home.

If you have any questions, please call  404-450-4011. Thank you,


Weena’s Kits, DOB 9/8/2020 Available for pickup 10/20/2020


Freckles, Black Otter with a tiny white marking on top of head, Male, $95 plus $6.65 tax SOLD



Pickles, Black Otter, Male, $95 plus $6.65 tax SOLD Cooper



Kisses, White with blue eyes (BEW), Female, $105 plus $7.35 SOLD

Domino’s Kits, Kindled 4/28/20

#5. White/gold with blue eyes on right, Female, SOLD


#1. White with Blue eyes on left, SOLD

#2. Gray/Chocolate on left, SOLD

#3. White with blue eyes middle, SOLD

#4. Chocolate/white with blue eyes on right Male, SOLD

Weena’s Kits Date of Kindle, 4/28/20


#1. Chestnut on left, SOLD

#2. White with blue eyes on left, SOLD

#3. Chestnut on right, SOLD

#4. White with blue eyes on right, SOLD


Below are previous bunny pictures

Weena’s Kits DOB 9/10/19 


Razzle, Black and White, Blue Eyes, Male, SOLD




Teddy, Golden, Female, SOLD



Frankie, Male, White with Blue Eyes, SOLD


Weena’s kits DOB 2-24-19



Pookie, Male, black otter,  SOLD



Scooter, Male, Chestnut, SOLD



Sassafras, female, White with blue eyes, SOLD



Daphne’s Kits DOB 2/24/19



Nugget, Male, Black Otter, SOLD



Philo, Male, Black Otter, SOLD



Beanie, Female, White and Black with blue eyes, SOLD



Clover, Female, Black Otter with blue eyes, SOLD

2019 Bunnies

Daphne’s Kits DOB 12/1/2018

Flash, Black with Blue eyes, white nose and zigzag white on head, Male,  SOLD


Checkers, Black with white right front foot, Male, SOLD



Eclipse, Black Otter, Blue eyes, (Bunny on far left), Female, SOLD

Marigold, Gold and white, Blue eyes, Female, SOLD


Weena’s Kits DOB 11/30/2018 Available on 1/11/2019

Puffin, Black and White, Blue eyes, Male, SOLD


Sundance, Gold and white with Blue Eyes, Female, SOLD


Chestnut Bunny, Male, SOLD



Blue Eyed White, female, SOLD


Black Otter Bunny, female, SOLD



This is Pepe our sire who is black and white with gorgeous blue eyes.



This is Weena and she is a Chestnut doe with a Vienna gene (she carries the gene to have kits with blue eyes).

She is beautiful and so sweet! Looking forward to seeing her kits.


This is Daphne and she is a Black Otter doe with a Vienna gene (she carries the gene to have kits with blue eyes).

Gorgeous bunny. Looking forward to seeing her kits.