August 21, 2016


Litters of Holland Lops due to kindle mid November. Netherland Dwarf due to Kindle Nov. 22. To purchase a bunny go to Things for Sale, Bunnies, then the breed of bunny.

To reserve a bunny using VENMO send a payment to Lesliebcartecayfarm for $95 plus $6.65 tax. Include your name, cell, email and bunny breed. We will contact you when bunny pictures are posted to choose your bunny.

Our farm is closed due to Covid. You can still purchase a bunny by clicking on the breed of bunny you are interested in. Place bunny in your cart and checkout. When bunnies are ready to go home you will receive a text or call to arrange a pickup date and time. At appointed time I will meet you at our farm gate with your bunny along with a sample of rabbit food. Please bring a carrier or box for your bunny to ride safely home.

If you have any questions, please call me 404-450-4011. Thank you,




Bunny House SOLD



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