August 19, 2019

Mini Lamancha Doelings/Does

Mini Lamancha Doelings 2019

The following 5 doelings have in their direct pedigree multi time Grand Championships

in show ring and winners of multiple milk stars on official milk testing.



Tulip, DOB 3/18/19, F1, a gorgeous Buckskin with white overlay, SOLD



Satin, DOB 3/18/19, F2, Brown with beautiful tan Moonspots and BLUE Eyes, SOLD



Buttercup, DOB 4/16/19, F1, beautiful white and buff, SOLD



Luna, DOB 4/16/19, F1, Gorgeous Black with White and Black/white spots, $350. SOLD



CoCo, Doeling, F2, Chocolate with tan markings on face and white markings.

$300 plus $21 tax SOLD