August 1, 2016


2020 Kidding Schedule posted under Goats.

Kids for sale are under Things for Sale, Goats, Nigerian Dwarf or Mini Lamanchas.

All Nigerian Dwarf goats are ADGA registerable.


Margo had her third kidding, a blue eye doeling (retaining) and a buckling (Sold) on Friday 4/20/18.

LATTE had her first kidding of beautiful TRIPLETS! Cartecay Farm Phebe a gorgeous fawn and white colored doeling with blue eyes and moon spots (retaining), Cartecay Farm Bixbe a black and white colored buckling with moon spots and blue eyes, and Cartecay Farm Pogo a fawn and white colored buckling with golden eyes.  Both Bucklings are for SALE. See below.


To see the goats we have for sale just click on the right, Bucks, Bucklings, Does, and Doelings. All of our Nigerian Dwarf doelings are ADGA registered and bucklings are ADGA registerable.


This is little Winston when he was a week old. I love the pink nose and the ice-blue eyes.