July 31, 2016

Things for Sale

Due to the Coronavirus our farm is temporarily closed to the public. We will continue to provide families with Bunnies, Chicks, Goat kids, Goat’s Milk, Farm Fresh eggs and Goat’s Milk Soap but everything will be purchased online and picked up at the farm gate. Please stay well.


Purchase a bunny online at Things for Sale, Bunnies!


We are licensed to sell goat milk in Georgia. We sell raw unpasteurized whole goat milk in one quart and two quart bottles. This milk is unpasteurized so it is for “pets only”.

Goat milk half gallon, pickup at gate. Please call before ordering for availability.

Fall Milk is now $12 per half gallon plus $3 per glass jar or bring your own container.



Here’s where you can purchase Holland Lop, Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf Bunnies, registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Bantam Cochin Mille Fleur Chickens and pure bred Great Pyrenees puppies. All of the animals are bred and raised here at Cartecay Farm.

We have recently opened a farm store where you can purchase, REAL fresh free-range organic eggs, local raw organic honey, Leslie’s apple pie mix made from local apples, organic goat’s milk soap, and hand-made sterling silver jewelry.

The farm is temporary closed due to the Covid virus. (The farm is open Friday – Sunday from 10:00 – 5:00, we are open Monday – Thursday appointment only, please call (404) 450-4011. Please visit our sister store on Etsy to purchase handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, TheSilverBugs .

Here’s our new farm store where you can purchase Leslie’s homemade all natural apple pie mix made from local apples. We also sell local organic raw honey, wildflower and sourwood and we have a small quantity of organic raw tupelo honey from the Florida panhandle. We will also sell our own farm-fresh free-range organic eggs when available (most of the year).

We now carry a line of our own hand-made all-natural organic goat milk soaps. We also sell quality hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry, made by us. Here’s several store pictures.

Here’s some of our local raw honey, we search for the best local honey we can find. Here’s some of our own hand-made local raw cosmetic-grade beeswax candles. There’s also some of Leslie’s incredible hand-made goat’s milk soap. All of the goat’s milk comes right from our farm so we know it’s raw and organic. We eat and use what we sell.


We put the honey in the classic glass half pond and one pound Muth honey jars – never plastic. The hand-made, by us,  beeswax candles are wonderful, they’re unscented but they naturally have a light honey aroma, they also burn for over eight hours, actually much longer. The beautiful golden yellow color is natural and comes from bee pollen, we only use low-smoke natural cotton wicks. Once you use a natural beeswax candle you will never use any other candle.


This is some of Leslie’s lovely hand-made sterling silver jewelry. The thick silver necklaces are actually hand-made viking knit.


These are great T shirts, they are Fruit of the Loom and 100% cotton. We have them in gray, black and white in all sizes. We also have 100% cotton medium and large totes.


Here’s a cauldron of bunny food.


Here’s a standard size bunny cage along with feeders and rabbit Long Johns.


Lots of stuff!


This is some of Leslie’s apple pie filling and a Himalayan natural crystal salt air purifying tealight candle holder and a sodalite slab tealight candle holder. We put a raw natural beeswax tea candle in each holder, never paraffin wax. Beeswax costs about 30 times more per pound than oil-based paraffin wax and it’s worth every penny! The copper mug is an authentic Moscow Mule mug made of solid hand hammered copper with a solid bronze handle and a nickle lining.


These hand-made, by Leslie, wool blend scarves are the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever seen! It takes her 11-12 hours to make each one.


Raw local beeswax Christmas tree ornaments anyone? The cup has a picture of Gigi, one of our Lionhead bunnies, she’s so cute.


More honey and some of our embroidered hats. I’ve worn ball caps all of my life and this is the most comfortable cap I’ve ever worn. We have them in khaki, white and black. They are 100% cotton and have a soft top, a strap adjuster in the back and a soft and wide inside headband for comfort.


Yum, Leslie’s apple pie filling, saves a lot of time when baking. Here’s some cotton towels with chickens and roosters.


Here’s Leslie’s lavender goat’s milk soap – a classic. Pamper yourself with organic goat’s milk soap.


In the birdseye maple basket is some of Leslie’s unscented goat’s milk soap along with some wildflower honey in one pound and half pound jars. The wooden sticks in the little yellow chicken are large honey dippers. The little bowel behind the chicken has solid brass reindeer sleigh bells, this is what our little goats wear, they make a beautiful and soft sound and the kids love them.


Here’s a large bunny cage. We keep several sizes on hand and assemble them so you don’t have to.


Here’s a basket of baby Holland Lop Bunnies.



Here’s Tango a little blue eyed buckling



Our second litter of Great Pyr pups.



A Young Cochin Bantam Rooster.