July 31, 2016


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Crepes are not just for breakfast, they can be enjoyed at any meal.



Makes four crepes.

4 eggs

3/4 cup flour

1-2 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup milk


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In glass bowl whisk eggs and add flour (this will get very think and gooey).  Add vanilla.

Slowly add milk to make the batter just thin enough (thinner than pancake batter) so that it easily swirls on bottom and sides of the cast iron frying pan.  Too much milk and the crepes will break when trying to flip to cook the second side, not enough milk and the crepe will be thick and hard to swirl. This is where experience will help to make the perfect crepe.


Cooking Crepe

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Heat cast iron frying pan on medium heat on stove burner.  Add 1 Tbs butter to cover the bottom and sides of frying pan.  When a drop of water dances on pan add not quite a ladle of the crepe mixture to center of pan while lifting pan (be sure to use a pot holder as pan handle will get very hot) and using a swirling motion to coat the entire bottom and 1/2 of sides of pan.  Place back on burner and cook until sides of crepes pull away from pan and bottom is golden brown, about 2 minutes, flip crepe to cook other side.  Remove from pan and roll crepe and place on plate covered with aluminum foil to keep warm while you cook remaining batter.  Use another pad of butter to oil bottom of pan and repeat process.

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Crepe Fillings and Toppings

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We open the rolled crepe halfway and spread a teaspoon or two of our favorite preserve and top with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit.  These fresh and delicious peaches, two different varieties, are from a local orchard down the street. You can also top with homemade ice cream. Simply delicious.