July 31, 2016


If you love pizza you’ll love this calzone recipe.


This is an all cheese calzone filled with Leslie’s homemade goat’s milk ricotta and mozzarella, it’s the best.



Here’s two more right out of the oven!


Make dough with Artisan Pizza dough recipe.  Use an orange size piece of dough, flour surface and hands and roll to about 12″ round.  Layer mozzarella, ricotta cheese and any other favorites, like pepperoni, spinach or Italian sausage on half of dough  leaving 1″ of dough edge free of cheese so it can be folded over and closed.  Fold dough over to cover cheeses and roll up edges and press gently to close in cheeses.  Make several slits in top of calzone for steam to escape.  Bake at 450° for 15-20 minutes or until medium golden brown.  Serve with your favorite sauce, grated Romano cheese and a salad.  Enjoy!