July 31, 2016


Update July 18, 2020: We have SOLD all bunnies. Thank you to all who bought one of our amazing bunnies. We hope to have more Netherland Dwarf bunnies later in the summer.


We are expecting a litter of Holland Lop bunnies at the end of August. Please check back on availability and pictures.  


*Disclaimer: I do my “very best” to sex bunnies but once in awhile I miss-sex a bunny. Male or female makes no difference they are all sweet bunnies. I DO NOT guarantee the sex.


This page has pictures of our Lionhead rabbits. To watch a slide show of the farm and the animals just click on one of the pictures on the right under PHOTO GALLERY then press the play button.

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Four little puff balls.


This is Pappy, a Holland Lop, who has the cutest face. He is a retired male.


Here’s Smooch a beautiful Broken Tort female.


This is Kewpie Doll a gorgeous Black Tort female.


This is Spanky, a Broken Tort, he’s a riot. He loves being loved.


This is an exceptional litter of Lion Heads Black, Tort, White and Broken White/Caramel.



This is Tiffany from our first litter. She’s a blue eyed white (BEW). She has a twin brother, Dobie.



This is little bandit, his face looks like a panda bear.



This adorable guy is Pookie.



This cute little guy is Boo Boo, he looks just like Mopsey his mom.



Here’s Muffin.



This is Knickknack.



Here’s our first lionhead litter.




This is our little star Gigi.



Here’s Mopsey a real sweet heart.



This is Zsa Zsa after a good grooming.



This is Binky, his friends call him Bink.


DSCF0042       DSCF0045

This is our second litter, it’s getting exciting.



Here is Abby the dam of the first litter of kits.



This is Penelope who is expecting her first litter.