July 31, 2016


2020 Kidding Schedule

Nigerian Dwarf ADGA Registered

Doe’s Name, Sire and Due Date

ChiChi – Buckley Feb. 25, 2020  Kidded 3 Bucklings, SOLD

Margo – Buckley  Feb. 27, 2020  Kidded 2 Bucklings, SOLD

PJ – Chumley   March 17, 2020 Kidded 2 Doeling, 1 Buckling, SOLD

Sheba – Chumley  March 18, 2020 1 Buckling, SOLD

ZaZou – Chumley March 20, 2020 1 Doeling, RETAINED

Phebe – Chumley April 7, 2020 1 Doeling, 1 Buckling SOLD

Edie – Chumley  April 11, 2020  3 Bucklings, SOLD

Dinah – Chumley  May 14, 2020

Sabrina – Chumley May 16, 2020

Latte – Buckley  June 17, 2020


Mini Lamancha

Doe’s Name, Sire and Due Date

Ginger – Merlin  March 30, 2020  3 Bucklings, 2 Available

Mira – Merlin April 8, 2020  1 Doeling, ??


ChiChi had her first kidding on Saturday, April 28, 2018, two doelings both have blue eyes, a gorgeous buckskin with a white spot on head (for sale) and an amazing tri-color white, black and gold (retaining). ChiChi was due on Thursday but waited until 1:30 am Saturday morning to have these beauties. They were certainly worth the nerve-wracking wait!


Cartecay Farm Zazou


Cartecay Farm Sierra

Sabrina had her first kidding on Thursday, April 26, two bucklings, a beautiful tan with black and white moonspots everywhere and a gorgeous blue eyes and gold with white spots.


Cartecay Farm Tiramisu

Cartecay Farm Zephyr

Margo had her third kidding on Friday, April 20, 2018 a beautiful blue eye tri-color doeling (for sale) and an amazingly gorgeous white with LOTS of chocolate spots buckling (SOLD). Please if you are in the Ellijay area stop by and get some goat therapy and say hello.


Cartecay Farm Dolce


Cartecay Farm Rio


LATTE had her first kidding of beautiful TRIPLETS on 3/14/18! Cartecay Farm Phebe a gorgeous fawn and white colored doeling with blue eyes and moon spots (retaining), Cartecay Farm Kimber a black and white colored buckling with moon spots and blue eyes, and Cartecay Farm Pogo a fawn and white colored buckling with golden eyes. Both bucklings (standing with mom) are sold.

Sheba our stunning blue eyed solid black coat doe delivered on Feb. 22 with Triplets!  She had a buckling with blue eyes who is a buckskin with white markings, a golden eyed buckskin buckling with lots of white markings including freckled ears and nose, and a beautiful golden doeling with white markings.  This is Sheba’s third kidding and first doeling.  Way to go Sheba.  All three kids have sold! Thanks to all who bought one of these beautiful kids.


Next up is Latte and this is her first kidding.  Latte is pictured below with Francesca and Chi Chi who is also having her first kidding in April.  Check back throughout the spring and summer to see our newest kids.


Here’s lots of pictures of the goats. To watch a slide show of the farm and the animals just click on one of the pictures on the right under PHOTO GALLERY then press the play button. You can see the goats we have for sale here.

From left to right this is Latte, Francesca and Chi Chi


Here’s little blue-eyed Sabrina with Jane peeping around the tree.


This is Shasta, she looks like a little lamb, with Sheba.


Here’s Sabrina playing hide and seek.


Here are several does and doelings playing on their jungle gym. The hen house is in the background.


Here’s little Sabrina. Shasta and Sabrina are sisters.


This is Shasta, look at that cute little face.


This little cutie is Lira, a La Mancha and Nigerian cross, she always has a lot to say.



Latte and Lira enjoying the sun.


Francesca is a blue-eyed La Mancha and Nigerian cross.


This happy and very friendly doeling is Chi Chi. Love her tri-coloring.


Here’s Latte walking the plank.


This is a great shot of Lira showing her beautiful markings.


Here’s Latte again. She’s a very spoiled bottle-fed doeling.


Guess who?


Look at the blue eyes on Francesca.



Here’s little Tango a sleepy blue eyed buckling.



This is Rumba getting a better view.



Leslie and (her favorite) Latte.



This beautiful dark chocolate brown buckling is Bosco



This is one of our best breeding bucks, blue eyed Buckley



That’s Buffy in the back, our best milker, she’s a star and our first Mini LaMancha.



Here’s little Chi Chi a beautiful multi-colored doeling.



Here’s little Rumba enjoying himself.



This pair is our first mini LaMancha doelings born on the farm. The brown one is Francesca and the silver one is Lira.



This is Mandy in the nursery with her triplets.



Leslie with her favorite chewing on her shirt.



Rumba on a rock.



Rumba in the buckling field.



Tango has the cutest face!



Leslie doing her morning milking with Ginger a mini LaMancha.



Here’s little Latte getting a drink



This is little hector, another black and white blue-eyed buckling.



In the nursery we have Shasta (the acrobat) on the feeder and Sabrina munching the hay.



Here’s Lisa, our daughter, milking Margo. Leslie hurt her shoulder so Lisa helped with the chores. Thanks, Lisa!



Hector and Bosco are brothers.



Ozzie as a three day old buckling.



Love that face.



Mandy and her kids.



Ozzie with the very pink nose and blue eyes.



Latte hiding in the kitchen bar shelf.



Rumba looking very cute.



This is Grigio a blue-eyed polled buckling. One of the most beautiful bucklings born on the farm in spring 2016.



Here’s Grigio in the buckling field. What a handsome boy.




Grigio at a week old.



Hector looking very sleepy.



Who wants to Tango.



I love this shot of Grigio.