Kids of Cartecay Farm

June 11, 2017. Molly had a cinnamon and white doeling!

Here’s little Sweet Pea, at 12 hours old, with her mom, Molly.


June 5, 2017. Jane, on May 21st, had three of the most beautiful and sweetest blue-eyed doelings we have ever seen.

Here’s little Tasha and Cartecay at a few days old.


And here’s their little sister Talia. Look at that face!


This is Cartecay.


Here’s Tasha.

For more pics of Jane’s kids please see below under Jane.


Ginger had two blue-eyed doelings on May 24th.

Here’s Hanna and Cookie. For more pics of Hanna and Cookie please look under Ginger below.


May 6, 2017. Edie had two blue-eyed polled bucklings on May 3rd, her due date. Here’s a picture of Harley and Hennessy. There’s more pictures below under Edie.

All four of these bucklings can be purchased at bucklings

Here’s Harley making faces.


And this little cutie is Hennessy at three days old.


Sheba had two very cute bucklings on April 30, Gilbert and Sullivan. Here’s a picture of both of them.  There’s a lot more pictures of both of them below, under Sheba.


April 26, 2017. Here’s another short update. Buffy had a gorgeous dark chocolate blue-eyed doeling, Dixie. Here’s a few pics.


March 3, 2017. Quick update here’s a short video of the five new kids


January 27, 2017. Here’s our new blog, Kids of Cartecay Farm. This blog will highlight all of the kids that are born here at Cartecay Farm this spring and summer. As soon as the kids are born we will post the photos and videos under the mom’s picture.

This is Lucy our beautiful buckskin doe who is looking rather plump, maybe three kids? and is expecting February 4th.


WOW, WOW and WOW! Lucy had three healthy and gorgeous little buckskins, two blue-eyed doelings, Daphne and Dinah, and a buck, Sebastian. The one with the big white cap is Daphne, the one with a small white cap is Sabastian and the one with no cap is Dinah. Here they are at just over 12 hours old. we will be adding more pictures and videos in a few days.

Click on this link for a short video.

Lucy’s kids


This is Daphne and Sebastian


Here’s Daphne again.


Here’s Sebastian, Dinah and Daphne.


Next is Margo, one of our favorite does, she’s so sweet, friendly and chatty (here she’s telling me to get her good side!). Margo is Lucy’s little girl. Margo is due February 21st.


Here’s Margo’s bucklings, Starbuck is in the front and Shiloh is in the back, both are blue-eyed and polled!


Here’s Shiloh and Starbuck again.


Starbuck is looking totally cute.


Look at the eyes on Shiloh.


Third is Buffy (in the middle) our star milker, a Mini La Mancha (Nigerian and La Mancha cross), who is due April 25th.


And here’s Buffy’s little girl Dixie at 12 hours old.


This is Sheba with the most amazing blue eyes we’ve ever seen. She’s pure jet black with glowing ice blue eyes. This little princess is due May 1st, May Day.

Sheba was a day early, she had her kids, Gilbert and Sullivan on April 30th.

Here’s Sullivan with the tan body and dark legs.


Gilbert on his favorite stump. Sheba’s keeping a watchful eye on him.


Here’s Sullivan and Gilbert looking adorable.


Sullivan posing.


Love Gilbert’s little face.


I think they’re both tinkling.


And this little blue-eyed doe is Edie due on May 3rd, she has had quads and triplets in the past two kiddings.

Here’s Harley at three days old.


Hennessy enjoying the sun and taking a stroll.


Harley looking too too cute. He’s a very showy little buckling.


A close-up of Hennessy.


Harley has gorgeous markings.


This is little Jane, another blue-eyed doe! She’s due on May 21st.

Here’s Cartecay going under Tasha.


Talia just looking sweet.


Cartecay and Tasha.


Talia next to her favorite log.


Cartecay and Tasha playing with a leaf.


Tasha saying something.


Talia hiding.


Talia posing.


Tasha and Cartecay.


This is Ginger a Nigerian and La Mancha mix, a mini-La Mancha, due on May 24th. She insisted on a close-up, yikes!

Hanna and Cookie stretching their legs.


Hanna and Cookie investigating the world.


Hanna and Cookie sunbathing.


Hanna singing.


Hanna and Cookie at three days old.


This little angel is Molly who is due on June 9th, our last kidding for 2017. Molly is also Lucy’s daughter.

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  • Hi Leslie,

    Here are Jane and our family. We had such a wonderful Saturday afternoon at your lovely farm. Thank you so much for touring us around your farm and introducing the precious animals! Mia was so happy to be with the bunnies, chicks and goats! I can tell that all of them are your kids, and they are all loved! The most wonderful thing was that we met our little Holland lop baby, our new family member! She is soooooo adorable! We are missing her and looking so forward to bring her home! Btw, the goat milk and eggs are amazing! All in all, we love your farm, a place full of love and joy!

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