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Sept. 23, 2018, Our Netherland Dwarf females had their kits for a total of 5 bunnies.  Pictures will be posted in a couple weeks.  They are quite adorable!



April 2, 2017, Look at this basket of Holland lops, a black and white, two gray torts, two torts, three tan and orange and a white and gray.


February 15, 2017, Quick update with Penelope one of our best breeders. In the following video you can see her building her nest, she has a very cute straw mustache.

Penelope’s mustache


January 23, 2016. Here’s our third Bunny Blog update along with pictures of our newest addition of Holland Lops.

I recently went to North Carolina to visit a show breeders rabbitry and they were very gracious and gave me a tour of their three rabbitries filled with beautiful rabbits.  I brought back three gorgeous pedigreed Holland Lop females and I am excited to add them to our breeding program.

People often ask ‘what’s the difference between Holland Lops and Mini Lops?’. The difference is size. Although it might sound like it would be the opposite way around, Holland lops are the smaller of the two. Holland lops generally weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, with mini lops sometimes doubling them in that department. Mini lops often weigh around 6.5 pounds. Despite the size difference, both breeds are small rabbits that have sturdy physiques and make outstanding pets.

We will have Lionhead and Holland Lop bunnies available for Easter and we are excited to see the colors.

This is Spanky one of our Sires.  He is the most lovable bunny ever.


This is Trixie, who thinks she can fly.


This is Hoot, our first female. She is so playful and sweet with beautiful markings.


This is Smooch, a very pretty Broken Tort female.


This is Tittles, a 3 month old female Blue Tort, she really is a Holland Lop even though her ears haven’t come down yet.


This is Kewpie Doll, a Black Tort female. Simply a gorgeous doe with rich tones of browns, orange and black.


This is Papillon, Pappy, a Broken Blue Tort male, he surprised us with his wonderful blue/gray coloring.  What a cute face and love those colors.


October 25, 2016. Here’s our second Bunny Blog update. We’re also getting into Holland lop ear bunnies. Here’s a pic of Papillon, our first lop.





We’ve had three more litters of lionheads, here’s some pics.



Leslie keeps on building more and more cages for more and more bunnies.


August 15, 2016. This is our first update, the bunnies are getting much bigger, soon they will be weened and ready to go home with their new families.

Below are the bunnies mugshots.

DSCF0048       DSCF0059

This is Bunny and Clyde.



‘Kit’ Carson!



‘Wild Hare’ Hogan.



‘Whiskers’ Malone.



‘Nibbles’ Noonan.



‘Pepe’ Le Paw


We just had our first litter of lionheads and two days later we had another litter! This is our first time with lionhead rabbits. We thought they would be a lot of fun to raise. As per Wikipedia: Lionhead rabbit is one of the newer breeds of domestic rabbits in the United States, and has recently passed the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association presentation process and has been accepted as an ARBA recognized breed in the varieties of Tortoise and Ruby Eyed White. As of February 1st, 2014 they have been eligible to show for Best in Show and receive legs of Grand Champion like any other of the accepted breeds. The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion, hence the name. Other characteristic traits of the Lionhead include a high head mount, compact upright body type, short well-furred 2″ – 3″ ears, and weigh usually between 2 1/2 pounds but no more than 3 3/4 pounds.


Here’s the first litter.



And here’s the second litter. Their eyes are just starting to open. The black one looks just like Moppsy the mom. We are very excited about these new additions at Cartecay Farm.



Here’s Binky.



And here’s Zsa Zsa, love that nose!







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